Love That Can Never Be


    HI, my name is Beth and this is the web page for my book, Love that can never be and below is a short summery of what happens.

 Alex O'Connelly Falls In love with a person that can never be his because of what they are.

Donna Owens moves to Greenland and finds a man who she thinks she met before. She can't help  falling for the enemy.

Message From The Author.

 I hope you guys like this story. If you want to I have more websites that you can check out. So look at the links. So Good Reading.

Summer Ends

Hey guys. Sorry that I have not been on in a long time been pretty busy with things. But it looks like fall is here and for alot of you. That means school is already back on, or most of us will be back to school soon. Just wanted to say hopefully everyone had a fun and amazing summer. And have a good school year guys.