Love That Can Never Be

Chapter 8


      I frown and look at Beth who is watching my face but she looks away from me and to Donna. "What do you mean what you are Donna?" She looks at me and shakes her head and I feel like a steel poker goes through my chest when I see a tear go down her face. "I'm not a normal human Alex. I'm only like half human." I go over and kneel in front of her. "Please tell me Donna." She looks at me. "Alex....I'm a werewolf." I feel that poker go in my heart again and I look at Beth and then back at Donna. "That's ok, because it's you I love." I hug her but I look at Beth and see worry in her face and she looks at me then at the door. I turn to see Chase run in with blood running down his face. "Chase..." Beth stands up and I grab her arm as she sways alittle. I frown and say "What's going on Chase?" He frowns when he see's Donna stand up behind us. "My god, what happened to you?" Beth looks at me and I frown then sigh and turn to Donna and say "I think Blaise and your other family attacked my family Donna....Chase stay here with Beth, she can't go out in her condition. I'll go find the others. I mean I am one of the best fighters in the family."  Beth looks at me and shakes her head. "Alex...don't go." I shake my head then look at Donna who is staring at me. "What do you mean Alex, why would my family attack your family?" I smile and show her my fangs. "The biggest reason, we are your enemy. And your pack attacked us for no reason. Your brother wants to kill us." I see her pale. "Alex your a....." I smile "Vampire.Yea I am." I look at Beth as she wipes Chases forehead off before I run outside and I think 'I did not want this, I did not want this to happen.'


      I run into the clearing and first thing I see is Blaise over Andi and Zane trying to get to her. I bare my teeth and let out a screech before I tackle him off of Andi. I knock him over and snarl "Stay away from my family you mutt." He snarls back at me. "Then stay away from mine." He lunges at me and I dodge at the last second. Before I swing around the tree and hit him in the side, I hear a rib crack and he lets out a cry. I smile and jump back and my family gathers around me and a female wolf helps Blaise up and I feel a sadness go through me as I recognize the red wolf as Kira. I shake my head then let out a hoarse voice. "Go and leave my family alone. And don't come back." The wolves look at us before I nod to my family and we go back to the house.

     "Chase where's Beth?" He looks at me and I see his face filled with pain. "Aaron...." He stops as Aaron races up stairs and I follow, I see Aaron go into Beth and Chase's room and I follow and stop when I see Beth's face filled with pain. "Aaron.. please help him." I look at Aaron then stop when I see who's holding Beth's hand. Donna looks at me for a second before she looks back at Beth. "Beth you have to breathe. Take in a deep breath then let it out." Beth looks at her and does as she says then gives Donna a smile before her face fills with pain again. "Alex go get some hot towels now." I nod and run off before I come back in with the towels. I hand them to Aaron and he smiles at me then I go and grab Beth's other hand and she shoots me a smile before she takes in another breath.

        I smile when I hear the cry through the air and I look at the little baby in Aaron's arms and he smiles. "It's a girl." I smile and look at Beth then see her frown when we hear Chase say "Pay up Kyle." I shake my head and look at my neice before I look at Beth then at Donna, I see her smile on her face then she looks at me and smiles. I let go of Beth's hand and walk over to Donna. "I love you, I don't want that to change for what we are." She smiles "Neither do I...but you know my brother will have something to say." I smile. "Then let him say it." I pull her into my arms and kiss her. I pull back then look at Beth. "What's her name gonna be sis?" She smiles and looks at the little girl in her arms. "I thought about it and I was gonna give her a old name but....I think I like this one more. Welcome to the family Melody O'connelly." I smile and pull Donna closer to me and smile at my neice then look at Donna and she smiles at me and I smile back and I think 'this is where I want to be....with Donna and my family.This is all I want.' I smile then say "We better let the rest of the family in before they bust down the door, especially Chase." We all smile and laugh as we hear a thud outside then hear Chase say "Dang it."