Love That Can Never Be

Chapter 9


      I sit down by Donna on the couch and she says "Melody is so cute. I bet Beth and Chase are really happy." I smile "Yea....." She looks at me "Alex, knowing what we are is not going to change anything. You said so yourself." I smile "I know, I'm just worried that if we get in a fight with your family what side you would pick. Or if you would be upset if one of us got killed or we killed one of them." "Oh Alex..." She shakes her head and looks at me and she puts her hand on the side of my face and kisses me. I kiss her back then freeze when I hear something comeing towards the house and fast. I stand up and Donna says "Alex what's.." I walk out and say "Aaron somethings comeing." He nods and says "I know, i don't know who it could be though." I smile and say "I think I might." I walk to the door then outside and Aaron follows me and I smile and say "Did not think you would be here this early Eclipse." He smiles and says "Just wanted to see my old family. Thought I should come early. And plus I have a new friend I want you guys to meet. Aaron, Alex this is my young friend Cory or as we call her Chip." A young girl with long black hair steps out and smiles at them. Alex nods and says "Nice to meet you chip." She smiles "Thank you Alex." Aaron smiles and says "Why don't you two come in."

       We all go into the liveing room and I sit by Donna and kiss her hand. She smiles at me and I smile back before I look at Eclipse and his little friend. "So I hear you are haveing a problem Eclipse." He smiles and nods. " I thought Beth told you." I nod. He smiles "Then I'll tell you the rest of it when the whole family is here....where's Beth anyway, I thought she would be the first one to welcome me here." I smile and say "She's upstairs with Chase..her husband and their daughter Melody." He smiles "So she had the baby huh. That's cool. I'll probably pay my respects later then. But I would like to meet Zane as I hear he fainted." I laugh and say "Yea twice." Eclipse smiles "I never knew a vampire who could faint before." I shrug. And turn as the rest of the family walks in and says hi to Eclipse. And he sighs as everyone seats themselves and says "Ok the reason I came is because I have a problem. A human knows what I am....and she's trying to kill me."

      After we got Eclipse and little Chip a room. I go outside with Donna and say "I'll see you later ok. We gotta get everything together. And I might be busy....and I'm probably gonna be feeding alot more often so try to stay out of the woods so I don't attack you by mistake." She smiles and lays her hand on my cheek. "Don't worry Alex. I'll be careful. I'm more worried about you." I smile and kiss her hand. "You better go." She nods and gets in her car. I watch her drive off before I go back into the house and over to Aaron. "What's the plan?" He smiles and we go into his office and as he shuts the door he says "Are you sure you want to do this Alex. You know that you can never be a vampire again." I nod "Anything Aaron I want to be with Donna." He frowns " I still can't beleive you want to be mortal again Alex. You hated your human life. But I'll try to make the potion. But do remember it will either turn you back to a human or it will kill you." I swallow and nod. "I know that Aaron." Aaron gives me a weak smile. "I'll try my best then." I walk out and go to Beth and Chase's room and knock then go in. "Beth I need to talk to you."

      She frowns "You sure about this Alex?" She rocks her daughter back and forth in the cradle. I nod and look out the window. She sighs and puts one of her hands on my arm. "I know you love her. might not work. You might die from this instead. Then she won't have you at all Alex. I really want you to think about this before you do that. And if possible and you decide and something goes wrong. I'll change you back. I promise."I nod and smile "Thanks Beth." I smile before I leave the room and go back into my room then look at the photo of me Aaron, Katie and Beth. A long time ago. When it was just the four of us. I sigh before I go outside to hunt.

     I come back in later that night and see everyone in the living room talking. But they stop when I walked in. I frown. "What's going on guys?" Beth looks at me and sighs then turns away from me. I frown and look at everyone else and see they won't look at me. Only one who is looking at me is Aaron. He frowns. "It's ready Alex....are you?" I swallow then nod. "Yeah...I'm ready Aaron....let me just call Donna..." Beth grabs my arm and shakes her head. "I'll do that Alex...because...well just because." I watch her face and see her watching me. Then slowly nod. "Ok Beth...thanks." She nods and smiles. Before she takes the baby from Chase and goes into the other room. Chase looks at me. And smiles "Don't worry Alex...we...well most of us are behind you on this." I nod "Thanks Chase."

     I look at Aaron as he hands me the glass. I swallow and look at my family. "If I...don't turn into a human and I die....I'm gonna miss you guys." They nod and Andi says " Just stay alive Alex and if not...Beth and I are gonna bring you back and kill you ourselves." I smile I turn back towards the window. "Beth if I don't make this...tell Donna I love her." " I will Alex." I turn back around and smile before I drink the gunk. As soon as the last drop is gone I get woozy and the glass drops out of my hand. I hear Beth and Andi yell and Kyle, Zane and Chase grab my arms before I black out and fall.