Love That Can Never Be

My Story. (Love That Can Never Be.)

                      Chapter 1

    Hi I'm Alexander O'connelly but I go back Alex. And I'm a vampire. And this is My story of....well just read it and you will understand. Have fun.

    I am one of ten vampires in my family. There's Aaron and Katie our parents. Aaron's the one who turned us. There's my older sister...well twin kinda. Beth...she turned before me. and her fiance Chase. Then there's my little sister Manda and her husband Benjamin. Then my little brother Kevin and his wife Patti. Then last couple is Andi and Zane.Andi joined our family after she turned her boyfriend Zane. Plus her and Beth get along so well you would think they were related by blood. But any way let's begin.

    "Come on Alex make a move." I sigh "Beth why do I have to I'm just gonna lose anyway." She pouts and says "Fine." She get's up and goes to sit by Andi who is watching Chase and Zane playing a raceing game. I go over to stare out the window then I jump as Andi screams "Ok, It's my turn." Zane screams back "No way." I turn to see Zane and Andi fighting over the controller. I look at Chase and see he's looking at Beth who has a amused look on her face. And even though Chase is stronger then Beth he is scared of her...well more of her temper. I look at the fighting couple as they role on the floor and I say " Stop acting like two kids." They both look at me and Beth says "Are you ok Alex?" I look at Beth. "Yea I'm fine." I give her a smile before I go outside. I look out behind the house before I sit on the ground to think.

      A few hours pass and I hear a thud at the door. "Alright Andi alright. We will go talk to him." I see Zane and Chase walking towards and Zane rubbing his back. I smile "It's kinda bad that you two are strong vampires and your scared of your wife or fiance." They smile "Beth and Andi want to know what's wrong." Chase sits on my right. I smile "Nothing, I just..." I shake my head.Chase sighs "can you just give us something so they won't kill us." I laugh "Yea." I help them out and they go back inside. As I go to my car. And think I really need a drive.

    I go by a park and smile then turn down a road before I stop in front of a coffee shop. I go inside and sit at one of the tables. I look around and see one of the girls from school talking to the new girl who had just started yesterday. If I remember right her name was Donna. Donna Owens. She's about 5'6 with long brown hair and she also has brown eyes. And the most unusual scent I've ever smelled. It's mostly a perfume called Chance(Beth has it.) with soap and pine needles. I look up to see the waitress looking at me. I smile "I'll have a apple and a iced coffee please." She smiles and looks like she's about to faint as she walks off. That's when I hear Donna ask "Who's that over there Amber?" I see Amber turn to look at me and I just look out the window. "Oh him, that's Alex O'connelly. He has eight other siblings, actually the table I showed you yesterday was there's." "Oh, well he's pretty nice looking." "Don't bother, you will only be wasteing your time." I see Donna look down at her plate and Amber sighs "What I meant Donna was he thinks he is better then everyone else." "Oh, Ok." I smile then say "Thank you." to the waitress when she brings me my order. She walks off and I leave a tip before I go to the counter to pay for it.

    I see Donna looking at me out of the corner of my eye. I smile and see her blush and look down. I shake my head and take my change. I smile at their table and wave before I walk out the door and think this is gonna be alot of fun.

    I get back to the house and shut the car off. I sigh and look at the bag I got for Beth and Andi." This should keep them busy for awhile." I go inside "Hey Kyle, where's Beth and Andi?" He smiles "They went out to hunt. Chase and Zane are still playing that game." I smile and go into the family room and Kyle was right. They are still playing that game. I sigh "You guys have to be tired. You are still playing that game." Zane looks at me and says "Alex, we just got back on. The girls took it from us shortly after you left." I smile "It's sad your scared of two girls." "Who's not scared of Andi and Beth?" Chase turns to say "You are right there dude." I smile and shake my head as I walk into the back yard. And stop when I catch a new scent.