Love That Can Never Be

Chapter 10

                  BETH'S P.O.V.

       I watch the guys lay Alex on the bed and I sigh then look at Aaron. "Is he ok?" Aaron goes over to him and inhales before he checks for a pulse. He smiles " I got a small pulse...his skin is alittle warmer then usual. And he's breathing more then a vampire does...but alot less then a human does." I bite my lip and look at Andi...who's head then whips around to the window. "Donna's here..." I frown and go over to the window. "What do we do with her Aaron?" He frowns "Tell her Alex is out hunting...guys take him upstairs into one of the guest room's." They nod then dissapear with Alex. As Andi and I go over to the door and open it. "Hey Donna." She run's in. "Hey guys. I can't beleive how heavy it's raining. Where's Alex." Andi smiles "He went out hunting." She looks at Andi then me. "'s Melody doing?"I smile "She's asleep right now. We still are not sure if she's gonna be more human or if she will be a vampire. But right now she's acting human." Donna nods. "Sounds like it. But anyway....when Alex gets back...can you tell him to call me. I have to talk to him." She gives us a weak smile and I frown then say "Your moving...aren't you" Andi look at me and Donna swallows. "Yeah we are. Blaise found a new area that we have to patrol...he says we don't have to worry about here. Since you promised you would not turn someone." I swallow and look at Andi. She looks away from me and I swallow. " can't leave...Alex loves you. Alot...but I know he won't leave his be with werewolves. But he probably would if it was just you. I know what love feels like with a different species. I went through the same thing. I was in love with a human....three times in different years. Finally the third year I had no choice. I turned him. And now we have a daughter. Tell Blaise to come out to the woods....I want to talk to him." With that I smile then go up the stairs and into my daughters room. I watch her sleep and close my eyes. "I won't let her get away Alex."

      I stand in the middle of the woods looking around and smelling the air every now and then. I freeze and then smile. "Hello Blaise." I turn around slowly and see him standing there as a wolf. "If you can change into your human form Blaise. That will be easier to talk. I promise I won't attack you." He looks at me then nods before he shapes shifts. "You wanted to talk to me Beth?" I nod and indicate a rock for us to sit on. He sits down first and I follow. "It's about you guys you have to move?" I look at him and he nods. "We have to. We have a new area we have to I don't want my sister with a vampire." I sneer. "He's not a vampire...not anymore." He looks at me."What do you mean?" I frown then look out into the distance. " He loves Donna he took a potion. That will either turn him back to a human...or kill him. Right now he's still alive. If he goes through all that just to be with her. You can't tear that apart." He nods. " I kinda see what you mean. I fell in love with a girl...I thought was human. But she was a vampire. Now....I don't even see her anymore. It hurts my heart.I just don't want that to happen to my sister." I shake my head "It won't...if you don't move." He nods then stands up. "Thanks for telling me. I'll think about it." He backs up alittle and shifts to his wolf form before he runs off. I stand up and think ' you did your best. Now lets see if it was worth it.'

    I get back inside and into the liveing room to see Cory...stareing out the window. Eclipse comes in. "I just talked to a old friend of mine. He and his wife are gonna come for a visit." I nod. "That's fine Eclipse." I go over to Cory. "It was you he was talking about. Right...?" She nods. " We never thought...what we were...could rip up our relationship....god were we wrong." I sigh. "Why don't you talk to him again?" She turns and looks at me. "Because I'm still in love with him. And I want what's right for him. And that's not me."I sigh "You never know unless you try. And...have you tried yet?" She gives me a smile. "We are different breeds...enemies. We are never gonna try it." She walks past me and into the hallway and up the stairs. I watch after her and Eclipse comes over. "Don't worry about Cory...she will be fine." I nod "Thanks Eclipse." We all stop as Andi and Donna come in.  Zane comes over and wraps his arms around Andi's waist. Eclipse starts talking to Donna and Chase wraps his arms around my waist and that's when I know. That something veary wrong is going on upstairs. "Let go of me chase." I wriggle in his grasp and he frowns. "I'm sorry Beth...I can't. Aaron made me promise." Donna looks at us. "What's going on?" Me and Andi look at each other then at Aaron. "No...!!!" He nods then looks at Donna. "I'm sorry to all of you...but...he's gone." I drop to the floor. "Who's gone?" I look at Donna. "Alex.." Tears start going down her face. "" "He wanted to be with he took a potion..that would either kill him...or turn him human." She drops to the floor and everything goes silent.