Love That Can Never Be

Chapter 2.

    I look around then stop when I see Beth and Andi about a mile away running back to the house. Beth looking upset. "What's up you guys?" I set the bags  down as Beth says " Where's Aaron?" "Right here Beth." She turns to him as so do Andi and I. "We might have trouble Aaron." He frowns " I caught a scent of werewolves. Aaron, about four or five of them. And andi thinks she saw one of them." Andi nods.  I look at Aaron. "Alex you Beth, Andi and Kyle come with me. Get Katie too." I nod and in seconds we run into the woods.

   After running for awhile Aaron stops and says "We don't want any problems." We see five wolves stop up ahead of us the largest steps foward "I'm Blaise the leader of this pack." I smell the air and for some reason get the scent of soap and pine needles. The scent that I know I have smelled before.But can't remember where. Beth snarls."We don't want trouble so just leave the area." And Andi adds " yea dog breath, you and the other mutts leave." Aaron shoots her a death glare and she shrugs. Aaron turns back as Blaise says "Fine but if we hear any humans were attacked, we will come back here and attack ourselves." I step foward alittle and say "We only feed on animals, so you don't have to worry about any humans getting attacked." He nods his big head. And I look at Kyle as he smiles and I see a big grin on Andi's face and know I'll have to ask her what Blaise is thinking. she looks at me and mouths just wait. I groan and remember she can read my mind.  She chuckles and looks at Beth who smirks but keeps her eyes on Aaron. I look back and Blaise nods to something Aaron said. "Fine, we will leave but we will be checking in every now and then."

   We get back to the house and I go up to my room to listern to some music. Just some relaxing no rock yet. Maybe later. I smile as I go in and hear Beth downstairs say "Hello." to someone, maybe Logan who is getting older now and probably won't be here for to long. I go over to my C.D. player and turn the music up. Before I go downstairs to have the game of pool with the other guys.

   After playing for a few hours the others get bored and go back upstairs to find something else to do. I go up to my room and as soon as I close the door it opens and Beth comes in. I groan and say "Don't you have something better to do?" She frowns "Yea, but i want to talk to you." I sigh "Go ahead." She smiles "Eclipse might be comeing to visit. Says he has to some girl is like stalking him in England." I laugh and say "Ok, tell him to come on over just don't bring this girl with him." She smiles "Yea. Well that's all I had to tell you." I nod "Thanks Beth." She smiles and leaves.