Love That Can Never Be

Chapter 3


   "Hey Alex you ready to go?" "Yea Kyle I'm coming." I grab my coat and keys before I go downstairs. And out the door. The guy's always go in my car and the girl's always go in Patti's. I sigh and think I don't want to go to school today. I rather stay home and hunt. I hear Andi laugh in the car and Beth ask her what and Andi say "Just what Alex was thining. " I smile and in five minutes flat we get to the school.

   "Alex don't be late to art." I smile at Beth "Yes Mom." She smiles "Don't push it Alex." I smile and look at Kyle who shakes his head. I look and say "What...." But stop when a scent comes to my nose. Kyle and I look down the hall to see two boys, one our age one younger and two girls. One of the girls being that girl Donna. I grit my teeth and Kyle says "They smell almost like those werewolves." I nod then say "Donna can't be though. I smelled her before and she does not smell like that." Kyle looks at me. "Four new people in the school. Those four could be of the five wolves we saw." I nod "Tell the others to be careful around those four. Just in case." He nods then we get to our classes.

   "What are you doing now Mr.O'connelly?" I sigh " A apple in a person's hands." I show it to him and he smiles "Veary good Mr. O'connelly." And he walks to the next student. I look at the girl sitting by me. and remember her name is Kira. Also one of the girls in that group. I smile and ask "How are you likeing this school?" She looks at me and smiles "Thanks, I like it alot. And I'm Kira St'John." I smile "I'm Alex O'Connelly." She smiles "Yea I heard about you from my cousin." I keep the smile on my face. "Your cousin." She smiles "Yea Donna. She said that you waved at her in that cafe." I smile "I guess I did." She smiles and I look down at her picture. "What's that supposed to be of? A dog." She laughs "Close but no. It's a wolf. It's my favorite animal." I give her a weak smile and say "Cool." I wait till the bell rings and as soon as it does I'm out of my seat and into the hallway. And I think I need to talk to Beth.

   "Beth." She turns "I heard Alex." I nod and look at the others. "Just be careful. We are not exactly sure if they are werewolves." They all nod again and Beth, Zane and I go to our next class. We go in and I see Donna sitting by my seat and the older guy sitting by Beth's seat. I look at them and smile before I go sit down.

   "Hi Donna, I'm Alex." I smile and she looks at me and smiles "Hi Alex..., I saw you at the cafe. I smile "Yea." She looks at her hands then back up. "Amber told me you have eight brothers and sisters." I nod and point "That's my twin sister Beth and the guy behind us is my little brother Zane." She smiles "The guy in front is my older brother Blaise." I stiffen and so does Beth and Zane. I see Beth smile and resume talking to Blaise and I'm surprised when he starts to flirt with her. I smile at Donna. "Ok, that's your brohter, your cousin is Kira. Who was the little boy?" She smiles "That's my little brohter Teddy. He's a couple years younger then me." I smile "That's cool." She nods and says " I was wondering..." We hear a gasp and I turn then say "Beth!" I grab her arm and Zane come over. Beth looks at me and says "I can't breathe Alex." I look at Zane and nod and we get her out of the classroom. I look at her and actually see the color she has return to her face. She looks at me. "he just touched my arm Alex. That was all and I could not breathe." I wrap my arms around her. "Your ok Beth don't worry." She wraps her arms around her middle. "I'm actually scared Alex." I frown. "No one is going to hurt you or the baby Beth. Don't worry." She lays her head on my chest. I look at Zane as he looks at Beth with worry. He then looks at the door. "Is she ok?" I turn to see Donna looking at Beth with worry. She comes over and lays her hand on Beth's arm. "You ok Beth?" Beth looks at hr and smiles "Yea I'm ok donna. Thanks for asking. I just got scared because I could not breathe for some reason." She tightens her arms around her middle.Donna looks at her then Beth's arm and she whispers "Your pregnant?" Beth looks at me and smiles then to Donna. "Yea I am." Donna smiles "That's great." Zane looks at me. "If Beth is better, we should go inside." I nod and Donna and Beth walk in. Zane and I follow.

   We get to the lunch room and Chase goes up to Beth and puts both of his hands on the side of her face. "Are you ok Beth?" She smiles "Yea I'm fine Chase." She looks at me. " I invited Donna to sit with us." I nod and sit at the table. donna comes over and sits between me and Beth. She smiles at me then turns to Beth. And they start to talk about how stupid brothers can be. I smile and look over at a table to see Amber and the other's of Donna's family stareing at us. I smile and turn back around. I see Andi stareing at Beth. And Beth mouths don't say anything. Andi nods and smiles I see Chase's face look puzzled. Beth smiles and then says "Andi, Donna,Zander, Alex. Can I talk to you outside?" We nod and we go outside. Beth stops and says "You four know I'm pregnant. But the others can't know yet ok." We all nod and Beth says "Andi, Zane I want you guys to be the godparents." Andi Shreiks and starts to jump up and down. I smile and look at Beth who sighs. I then look to Donna and ask "You want to go to that cafe with me tonight?" She looks at me with surprise as does the rest of my family. "Sure that sounds like fun." I smile "Ok."

   "Do you think I can talk to Donna when she get's here?" I smile "Yea,but what about?" she smiles and pat's her stomach. I smile then ask "When are you going to tell Chase?" She sighs "Soon....maybe." I laugh and chase comes in. "What's so funny?" I smile "Nothing." He nods and wraps his arms around Beth. She gives me a weak smile as he lays his hands over her stomach. I smile and turn around when I hear Andi say "Donna's here."