Love That Can Never Be

Chapter 4


  I go outside and Beth follows me "Hey Donna." She smiles "Hey Beth." I smile then frown when I see Blaise step out and I step in front of Beth.And say "Hi Blaise." I see his eyes light up then dim down to normal. "Hi Alex. Donna told me your just gonna be dropping her at our house afterwards." I nod then say "Donna." I look to see her talking to Beth. And about baby clothes. I sigh "That is if I can get her away from Beth." He smiles "Yea, well good luck with that. Nice to see you again Beth. Bye Donna." Beth nods and Donna waves. He pulls out. I watch him leave before I look back at the two talking girls. I smile " You ready to go?" She smiles." yea."

   We get to the cafe and I pull out a chair for her. "Thanks Alex." I smile "Your welcome." I sit in my chair and we order right away. I smile and look out the window then back as she ask "Beth can't wait for that baby.But...where's the father?" I sigh "He's been dead for awhile. Well half dead. He has alot of brain damage and he is unconscious." I frown when I finish and she says "Oh...that's sad." I nod " I know. But me and the rest of the family are here to help her." She smiles "And she's lucky for that. And I'll help to if she wants. We already made plans to go shopping for baby clothes." I smile "Let me guess I'm coming to." She smiles "Yea and it was her idea." I smile "Figures." She laughs then stops, I turn around to see Amber walk in. She see's me and her eyes widen as she see's Donna across from me. I smile and look back at her. And she ask "Amber told me you never date any one. Why not? Why now?" I smile "Because I finally found a girl who likes me and my family for us. Not our money or our stuff. Even our cars." she smiles and says "So you like me because of that?" I smile and put my hand on hers. "Yea I do." She smiles and looks at our hands. "So does that mean we are boyfriend and girlfriend?" I smile " Do you want to be?" She looks at me "Yea I do." I smile "Great." I squeeze her hand and she smiles. We look at the waiter as he puts our order on the table. "So do you want me to pick you up for school?" She smiles "No, because Blaise will get alittle protective." I smile "Yea, brothers will be like that." She smiles and put's her hand on mine."When I see Beth and Andi tomorrow, I'll have to ask them how they handle five brothers?" I smile "And this I will have to hear the answer to." She smiles and then groans. I turn to see Amber walk up. "Hey Donna, Hey Alex. What are you two doing here?" I smile and squeeze her hand again. "We are on a date." She frowns "A date." Donna smiles "Yea I'm on a date with my boyfriend." Amber frowns again "Boyfriend?" I smile " Yea we are dating each other now." She smirks then looks at Donna. "Wow you got the hottest guy in school. Also the hardest guy to grab." Donna blushes and I frown "You ready to go now Donna?" She smiles and looks up."Yea I'm ready to go." I put the tip and the bill on the table and we get up and leave. We get outside and I say "I'm sorry I had to cut that short but she annoys me." She smiles " Don't worry, she bugs me to." I smile then ask "You want to go to the park for awhile?" She smiles "Yea I do."

    We get to the park and walk hand in hand towards the middle. I turn to her when we get to the fountain and say "When that baby comes I want you to be here then." She smiles "Thanks Alex." She takes her hands out of mine and walks over to the fountain. "What's wrong Donna?" "There's something I have to tell you Alex." "What,what's bothering you Donna?" she looks at me and sighs. "Before you get mad or upset i want to do something." I nod "Ok, go ahead." She comes up to me. "I know we just started dating but..." I frown. "Donna..." She lays her hand on the side of my face and put's her mouth on mine. I freeze for what seems like hours or even years then I kiss her back. She wraps her arms around my neck and I wrap mine around her waist. We break apart and I look at the tears in Donna's eyes. I frown and think don't tell me...not yet. She looks down. " don't have to tell me right now. Because whatever it is. It does not matter." "Alex..." I smile "It's ok." I kiss her forehead. "Let me take you home." she smiles "Ok Alex. Thanks." I smile and we leave the park.