Love That Can Never Be

Chapter 5

   We pull into her driveway and I say "I'll see you tomorrow at school ok." She smiles "Ok Alex I'll see you tomorrow." I lean over and kiss her. "Ok, and be careful Beth might call to see how it went." She smiles "Ok, Bye Alex." "Bye Donna." She smiles and closes the door and I wave before I back out.

    I get back to the house and Beth comes out "Hey Alex, can you help me tell Chase?" I smile " questions about the date?" She smiles "No i'll just call Donna later and ask." I smile "I thought you would so I warned her. Oh and by the way be nice she's my girlfriend." Beth's mouth drops and she smiles "Awesome Alex." I smile and we go back inside. "Hey Chase you here?" I call "Yea I'll be right down in a sec Alex." I watch Beth pace back and forth and Andi and Zane come in and sit on the couch. Then in two minutes later Chase comes in. "What's going on you guys? And I know something is up, Andi has been nicer to me then usual." Andi shrugs and smiles I smile to and say "Just listern to Beth, Chase." He nods and I sit down. I give Beth a smile and she says "Chase there's something I have to tell you." He nods "Ok, Beth. What is it?" She bites her lip and looks at me. I smile and say "Go on Beth, tell him." She sighs and says "Chase........your gonna be a father." His mouth drops and he looks at Beth then me then to Andi and Zane then back to Beth. "A ....father?" She nods and Chase gets a big grin on his face, he stands up and hugs Beth. And I think Andi get Zane and let's leave. She nods and the three of us walk out of the room. To leave Beth and Chase alone.

  I get up to my room and sit on the couch and can't beleive that I forgot what she was. Then she would have told me...but I stopped her. I sigh and think I will see her tomorrow. I sigh before I go downstairs to see if Kyle and Zane want to hunt.