Love That Can Never Be

Chapter 6

                                  3 months pass.

  I sit up off the couch and Donna ask "Alex what's wrong?" This time we both hear Andi scream. I look at Donna. "Stay here ok." I run to the stairs and go up them in vampire speed. Beth and I get there at the same time. I bust the door in and we both say "What?" Andi looks at us and says "I think I'm pregnent." My mouth drops and I look at Beth. With one hand on her rounding stomach and the other on her hip. "Well....your gonna have to tell Zane." She nods "I know. I just can't beleive it. I mean I'm not ready, I did not even want to have kids." I think, then you should have got Zane fixed or not have been in bed so much. Andi glares at me. "Your right but shut it Alex. Before I shut it for you." I smile then look at Beth when she says "I don't want to know." I smile then go back downstairs to Donna.

   The next morning before School I'm just buttoning my shirt when Beth pokes her head in. "Hey Alex, all of us are skipping today." I frown and think about Donna and Andi sticks her head in. "We don't care about your problems Alex, especially since it's about who your in love with." I think someones alittle testy...maybe those hormones. I see her grit her teeth before she marches out. Beth sighs and follows her. And I sit on the couch and think am I in love with Donna. Then I groan when Andi yells "And don't think just because I'm mad that your not helping me tell Zane." I sigh and yell "Fine, now shut up."

    Zane comes out "Hey what's going on you guys?" I smile and say "Andi..." She sighs "Geez thanks Alex." I smile "Your welcome sweetheart." I hear Zane growl and Andi hiss in her throat. I just smile and sit back to get comfey for the show. Andi turns to Zane and says "I think I'm pregnant." Zane's mouth drops "" I smile "Never hear a vampire stutter before." He drops to the floor and Beth says "Never seen one faint either." Beth snickers and I laugh. I go grab a bottle of water and throw it at his face. He wakes up "What..." Andi leans down and says with a straigt face. "Zane this is all your fault. I should have had you fixed." His eyes widen. "" He falls back again and Beth says "Wow..second time was always the charm. Come on Andi." They leave and I look at him and smile "Sorry dude but not my problem. Have a nice nap." And I walk out.

   We all pace back and forth...well except Beth. As we wait to hear about Andi from Aaron. He finally comes out with Andi behind him and he says " She's not pregnent. I think she just had some bad blood." He smiles and goes back upstairs. Katie follows him. I smile then look at Andi as she says "Beth I think it's time for someone to get fixed." I see Chase's head jerk up first then he grins and looks at Zane as he swallows and turns even paler then usual. "An..Andi don't....please." He starts to back up and Andi says "'s not gonna hurt...much." She takes a step toward him and he backs up again then whips around and runs screaming " me." I start to laugh as does the others and Andi shrugs and says "That takes care of it for awhile." Before she goes outside, Beth follows. I watch then say " I better go calm Zane down...come on Chase." We both leave the room to find where he went. Into the bathroom we don't use...shaking like a leaf.

    I sigh and pull up into a spot in the parking lot and think I can't beleive I have to go into the store to get one thing. Don't know why Chase can't get it. I sigh again and think especially since it's human food. I get out of the car and go inside and wish I went to a gas station instead.

   I finally get inside and think ok I have no idea where those are. I walk down each aisle and sigh "Finally." I go down the aisle to look for the ones Beth wanted. I grab a blue package then jump when someone laughs and says "Oreo's." I turn to see Donna, with a shopping cart just filled with junk. I smile "Yea, Beth is craveing these." and I think which is weird for a vampire to crave human food. She smiles and grabs a couple of the packages and puts them in her cart. "Yea, i bet she's starting to crave for alot of things." I smile "No just these." I hold up the cookies again and she laughs and I walk with her to the next aisle. "Do you want to come over later. I mean it would be nice for Beth and you can see how big she's gotten since spring break started." I wince and think if her or Chase heard me say that I would be in huge trouble. She smiles "Sure that would be fun. Plus I'm gonna be out there tomorrow to. Remember Andi, Beth and I are shopping for baby clothes." I smile "Oh yea. I forgot. Well come out tonight anyway." She smiles "Alright I will.