Love That Can Never Be



   I put my best shirt on and start to pace back and forth.Beth watches me as she eats another oreo. I cringe and say "I don't know how you can stand those?" She shrugs "Neither do I. Hopefully I still don't crave these after the baby is born." I smile and look out the window. Beth smiles "Calm down Alex. She will be here soon. You don't have to freak out. Wow another thing the vampires in this family don't do often.Freak out." I smile "Haha veary funny. I'm just nearvous, I mean she is a werewolf." Beth looks at me."You figured that out, or did she tell you?" I sigh "She almost told me.But I stopped her.I did not want to know yet." Beth smiles and says "I'm glad your in love Alex, but did it have to be with the wrong species?" I smile "Look who's talking, you fell in love with a human." Beth smiles "Yea but now he's a vampire. Oh and Eclipse will be here in a couple days and so will Rob. He wants to see Logan." I nod "Ok."

  I smile when I see a car pull up then frown when I see Donna get out and Blaise follow her. Beth comes over "What's wrong?" I frown "Blaise, I think he's coming in with Donna that can not be good." She nods and looks at me."Don't worry Alex, only you and I are here. Everyone else went out. I actually almost had to beg Chase to leave. But of coarse then I had to bribe him." She shrugs and I smile "Nice come on, we better let them in." she nods and we both go to the front door to let Donna and Blaise in.

  "Hi Donna." I smile and kiss her cheek. She smiles back "Hey Alex." And she hugs Beth. I see them smile at each other then turn to the door as Blaise stands outside. His nostrils flare and I say "Would you like to come in?" He smiles "Sure I would like to see YOUR home." I look at Beth and see her frown then smile when Donna starts to talk about baby clothes I follow the girls into the liveing room and Blaise follows me. I watch them walk over to the couch and I say "Becareful when you sit down Beth." She glares at me and says "Your about as bad as Chase and Aaron are. You don't have to worry this baby is not dew for awhile. So stop pestering me." I frown and arch a eyebrow and she sticks her tounge out at me before her and Donna sit down. I turn to Blaise and ask "Do you want something to drink?" He nods and both of us go into the kitchen. I go over to the fridge and thank god to Chase that he knows what to buy. I get out a couple pops and hand one to blaise and have one for me and Donna and a water for Beth.

  I come in and sit on the otherside of Beth and Blaise takes the chair and I say "Ok you guys what's going on." I hand Donna and Beth their drinks. And Beth puts another oreo in her mouth and I cringe alittle and I see Donna look at Blaise and he glares at her and she says "Well that thing I wanted to tell you awhile ago. Well Blaise wants me to tell you now before we get to far into our relationship." I frown and see Beth frown and I say "Ok what's going on and what is it?" Donna looks down and Beth lays her hand on Donna's and says "It can't be that bad Donna, you can tell us. It won't change anything."  She looks at me and I sigh and say "It won't Donna we promise." She nods and is about to say it when Blaise's phone rings. He frowns and says "Sorry I got to take this." He answers and walks out of the room. We watch him and I look at Donna as she is looking down at her hands. I look at Beth and see her frowning and then she smiles and says "Donna, Alex put your hands on my stomach." We both do and I smile and Donna grins and says "That is neat Beth. I wonder if he's trying to tell us something." I frown and say "It't gonna be a girl." Beth sighs and says "Here we go, fighting over what the baby is going to be.I thought I would not have to listern to it with Chase and Kyle gone...but no I have to listern to it again." She eats another oreo and I grimace and say "Sorry Beth." She smiles and shrugs then we look up as Blaise comes in. "Donna some business has come up and I have to go over and see what's up. Can you tell them by yourself." She nods and he smiles and says "I'll be back to pick you up. See you folks then." He frowns then leaves. I look at Donna and ask "What was that about?" She sighs and says "Work, his work and also mine.Sit down Alex. I have to tell you......I want to tell you what I am."